Type: Reality

Languages: Dutch

Status: Running

Runtime: 40 minutes

Premier: 2016-08-31

Zo Man Zo Vrouw - Dutch grammar - Netflix

This article outlines the grammar of the Dutch language, which shares strong similarities with German grammar and also, to a lesser degree, with English grammar.

Zo Man Zo Vrouw - Thousands - Netflix

1000 is duizend. Unlike in English, this is not preceded by an article. The same system used for naming the hundreds applies to the thousands as well, so multiples of 1000 are expressed by writing the multiple right before: 2000 tweeduizend, 3000 drieduizend, 20000 twintigduizend, 999000 negenhonderdnegenennegentigduizend. Combinations of a thousand and a lower number are expressed by placing them together, with the thousand coming first. A space is written between them. 1 258 duizend tweehonderdachtenvijftig 9 001 negenduizend een 32 348 tweeëndertigduizend driehonderdachtenveertig 123 456 honderddrieëntwintigduizend vierhonderdzesenvijftig

Zo Man Zo Vrouw - References - Netflix