You Can't Ask That is about breaking down stereotypes and offering genuine insight into the lives of people who live with labels. The series gives an unmediated platform to some of the most misunderstood or marginalised people in our country: short statured, wheelchair users, transgender, Muslims, ex-prisoners, fat, Indigenous, sex workers, terminally ill, and people in polyamorous relationships.

You Can't Ask That - Netflix

Type: Talk Show

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-08-03

You Can't Ask That - You Can't Ask That - Netflix

You Can't Ask That is an ABC original series released first on ABC iview on 3 August 2016. Each episode asks controversial questions sourced from the public to a minority Australian population including people of short stature, Muslims, sex workers, transgender people and more. The show aims to offer insight into the lives of marginalised communities and break down stereotypes while answering the questions people are afraid to ask, reportedly inspired by Ask Me Anything (AMA) threads on Reddit. Several representative organisations were credited in the series including Short Statured People of Australia, Scarlet Alliance, Alzheimer's Australia and Exit International, as well as The Karuna Hospice Service and Palliative Care NSW. On 28 September 2016, ABC announced the series had been renewed for a second season which will include more diverse Australians including centenarians, people with Down Syndrome and children with same sex parents. The first episode of Season 2, “Blind People”, featuring Ron McCallum and Matthew Formston among others, aired on iview on 6 April 2017. On 25 October 2017, ABC announced the series had been renewed for a third season which will include Australians such as alcoholics, swingers, Intersex & killed someone.

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