A story about a big family that comes to realize the true meaning of family after challenges and conflicts

Yeah, That's How It Is - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 70 minutes

Premier: 2016-02-13

Yeah, That's How It Is - Ms Yeah - Netflix

Ms Yeah is a Chinese YouTube channel featuring cooking with office utensils. The channel host is Ms Yeah (小野), real name Zhou Xiaohui (周晓慧). In each video, a - usually Chinese- dish is prepared using tools found in a typical office work space. The videos are characterized by lack of narration, voice-over or conversation, which helped to popularize the channel abroad. According to Ms Yeah, she works at a creative company, which allowed her and her co-workers to perform cooking in the office. Although the videos always have Ms Yeah as the main actor, the camera is primarily controlled by an unknown camera operator, and the co-workers feature as bit parts. Most food that is cooked in the videos are common Chinese dishes and not difficult to prepare per se. She has admitted that the end result often didn't taste good, but the goal of her channel is not to teach viewers how to cook, hence there are no cooking instructions.

I don't want to be a 'cooking teacher'. I don't want to teach you how to cook, and I don't want to teach the science of cooking. I just want to show you an attitude towards life. You can find the joy of life whenever and wherever you are."

Yeah, That's How It Is - Popularity - Netflix

Some videos feature product placement, at a cost of 500,000 CNY, a product will be shown in the video. Uniquely for a Chinese celebrity, the channel is more popular overseas then with domestic viewers, having 2.8 million followers on Facebook compared to 2.55 million on Weibo as of July 2017. Due to lack of narration, the videos have almost no language barrier. Furthermore Ms Yeah and the production team use English on foreign social media, and in public appearances, she appeared to be fluent in English. This may explain the popularity abroad.

Yeah, That's How It Is - References - Netflix