Wizbit is a children's show that aired on BBC One.

Into the wonderful world of puzzleopolis zooms the incredible, the amazing, the magical, Wizbit. In the town live a happy people, magicians, clowns, wand-people, spongeball-people, card-people, and Wooly, a very large, loveable white rabbit. But above them all hangs an evil castle, the grim abode of the ghastly, nasty and creepy Professor Doom and his sly cat Jinx. Join the weird and extraordinary adventures of the puzzleopolians in magic, laughter, puzzles and great songs as with Wizbit they combat the evil of Doom!

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Type: Variety

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1986-01-08

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Wizbit is a 1980s BBC children's television show about an alien magician, Wizbit. It starred conjuror Paul Daniels and wife Debbie McGee. The series is set in Puzzleopolis, a town inhabited by walking, talking sponge-balls, dice, magic wands, playing cards and rabbits, where the protagonists must solve puzzles. Wizbit's year-and-a-day mission is to find out all about planet Earth. The show is partly educational, with the (often lateral thinking) puzzles Wizbit is set often being presented to the audience at home, with the solutions being revealed towards the end of the episode. Wizbit's magic word was “Ostagazuzulum”, and he came from the planet WOW, an acronym for “World Of Wizards”. The show was created by Barry Murray, who had formerly been Mungo Jerry's record producer, with assistance from Daniels. Its theme tune is based on a song by Lead Belly, named “Ha-Ha This A Way”, sung by Daniels. All rights to characters and designs were retained by Daniels, and the music rights by Murray. A revival of the series was announced in 2009 with a movie set for Summer 2010, but they were both cancelled.

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Wizbit, a large yellow cone-shaped wizard's hat, played by Tony Friel Wooly, an 8-foot-tall (2.4 m) white rabbit, best friend of Wizbit, played by Norman Bowler Squidgy Bog, a purple swamp monster, voiced by Martin Daniels Professor Doom, a moustachioed evil genius and arch-villain who lives in a castle, which sits atop a giant stone fist in the sky. Played by Rob Inglis Jinx, Professor doom's cat. Wozbit, an evil version of Wizbit generated by Professor Doom The Gatekeeper, a woman who guarded the gates to Puzzleopolis by refusing to let anyone in until they had solved a riddle, played by Vicky Licorish Madame Martinka, a fortune teller who owned the magic shop in Puzzleopolis Grocer Green, a greengrocer with green hair Pierre Oe, a mime artist Spoof & Bluff Paul Daniels (playing himself) who owned the theatre in Puzzleopolis Various townsfolk shaped like magician's props - spongeballs, dice, wands and so forth. Troll, a hideous and vicious purple haired hag.

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