Australian police drama filmed in Sydney.

Wildside - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1997-11-23

Wildside - Wildside (album) - Netflix

Wildside is an album released in September 1987 by the Canadian rock band Loverboy. This was the first album that the band had released that did not go platinum, signaling a significant decline in the band's popularity.

Wildside - Track listing - Netflix

“Notorious” (Jon Bon Jovi, Todd Cerney, Dean, Reno, Richie Sambora) - 4:39 “Walkin' on Fire” (Todd Cerney, Dean, Taylor Rhodes) - 4:17 “Break It to Me Gently” (Dean, Reno) - 4:37 “Love Will Rise Again” (Todd Cerney, Rhodes) - 4:29 “Can't Get Much Better” (Todd Cerney, Dean, Mike Perodeau, Rhodes, Steve Tracey) - 4:05 “Hometown Hero” (Bryan Adams, Todd Cerney, Dean, Rhodes) - 4:13 “Wildside” (Reno, Lindsay West, J.L. Douglas) - 3:31 “Don't Let Go” (Brian MacLeod, Reno) - 3:36 “That's Where My Money Goes” (Dean, Gerald O'Brien, Alfie Zappacosta) - 4:14 “Read My Lips” (Doug Johnson, Reno, Neil Shilkin) - 5:03 “Don't Keep Me in the Dark” (James P. Dunne, Reno, Austin Roberts) - 5:56 [bonus track on CD]

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