At the edge of the Atlantic lies a land of rock and water. Wind-scoured and rugged yet full of beauty. The islands of the Hebrides are a superb place for wildlife. In a world of towering cliffs, white-sand beaches and cold clear seas lives an unforgettable cast of wild animals – otters, eagles and red deer, seals, dolphins and basking sharks. But living here isn't easy. Battered by a wild ocean and some of Europe's most unpredictable weather, the only certainty here is constant change. Delivering a compelling portrait of a year in these Islands on the Edge, rich in emotional animal stories and photographed by the world's best camera talent – Hebrides is a landmark series to remember.

Wild Scotland: The Western Isles - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2014-02-13

Wild Scotland: The Western Isles - A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland - Netflix

A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland (1775) is a travel narrative by Samuel Johnson about an eighty-three-day journey through Scotland, in particular the islands of the Hebrides, in the late summer and autumn of 1773. The sixty-three-year-old Johnson was accompanied by his thirty-two-year-old friend of many years James Boswell, who was also keeping a record of the trip, published in 1785 as A Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides. The two narratives are often published as a single volume, which is beneficial for comparing two perspectives of the same events, although they are very different in approach---Johnson focused on Scotland, and Boswell focused on Johnson. (Boswell went on to write a famous biography of Johnson.)

Wild Scotland: The Western Isles - Sources - Netflix

There are many editions available in print, out of print, online, in hardcover and paperback. Listed here are some notable unusual editions of interest. Pat Rogers, ed. (1993). Johnson and Boswell in Scotland. Yale University Press. The two accounts are presented side-by-side, page-by-page. ISBN 978-0-300-05210-7 A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland, scanned page images, online first edition. A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland, scanned book, 1791 edition. Internet Archive A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland at Project Gutenberg. Plain text and HTML versions. Donald MacNicol. Remarks on Dr. Samuel Johnson's Journey to the Hebrides; in which are contained observations on the antiquities, language, genius, and manners of the Highlanders of Scotland. London: Printed for T. Cadell, 1779. From Internet Archive.

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