Charlie Ottley ventures deep into the breath-taking but little known mountains and forests of Carpathia. Home to bears, wolves and the elusive lynx, this is perhaps the last great wilderness in Europe, seen as never before. Charlie provides a unique insight into the scenic beauty and rich culture of the region, exploring its chequered history from the mystical ruins of the ancient Dacian civilisations to its medieval communities, the heritage of which survives intact to this day. In his quest to find remote villages, cross mountains and spot bears in the wild, Charlie meets a range of colourful characters including shepherds, artists, eco-warriors, craftsmen, trackers, even a Count. Wild Carpathia captures the fragile majesty of a unique eco-system and show why it deserves to be preserved in all its glory for the benefit of future generations.

Wild Carpathia - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 2011-10-30

Wild Carpathia - Grigore Leșe - Netflix

Grigore Leșe (born in 1954) is a Romanian musician.

Wild Carpathia - Discography - Netflix

Leşe has recorded seven albums: 1996, Cântec pastoral, Amori Label, Lausanne 2000–2003, Cântece de cătănie și hori, Concert Society, Bistrița 2005, Horile vieții and Așteptând Crăciunul, Roton 2009, Grigore Leșe: Le chant de Lăpuș, OCORA Radio France, Paris 2011, Grigore Leșe și aromânii fârșeroți din Cogealac, A&A Records 2011, De dragoste, de război, de moarte, de unul singur, Humanitas Multimedia

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