In the UK there are 45 men and one woman whose crimes are so bad that they have received whole-life tariffs, which means that their crimes are so bad that life imprisonment literally means life. These are some of their stories.

When Life Means Life - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-04-09

When Life Means Life - A Little Life - Netflix

A Little Life is a 2015 novel by American novelist Hanya Yanagihara. The novel was written over the course of eighteen months. Despite the length and difficult subject matter it became a bestseller.

When Life Means Life - Structure - Netflix

A Little Life is divided into seven separate parts, and follows a chronological narrative with flashbacks frequently interspersed throughout. The novel’s narrative perspectives shift throughout the story’s progression. During the beginning of the novel, a third person omniscient perspective privileging one of Jude’s, Willem’s, JB’s, or Malcolm’s thoughts is utilized. As the story gradually shifts its focus towards Jude, its perspective progressively molds entirely around each character’s interactions with Jude and the experiences of Jude himself. This literary perspective is punctuated by first person narratives told from an unspecified future by an older Harold.

When Life Means Life - References - Netflix