Welcome to Sanditon is a modern multiplatform adaptation of Jane Austen's unfinished novel "Sanditon".

Welcome to Sanditon relocates the action from the English seaside to a California beach town, and replaces the novel's protagonist with The Lizzie Bennet Diaries's Gigi Darcy.\ \ Gigi has come to Sanditon, CA to run a beta demo of the Pemberley Digital Domino application. The residents of Sanditon have all been invited to join in the test, and discover how this "life-revealing" app performs.\ \ Viewers were given the chance to play a resident of the town, through response videos and social media role-playing, creating a virtual community that still thrives today.

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Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 5 minutes

Premier: 2013-05-13

Welcome to Sanditon - Sanditon - Netflix

Sanditon (1817) is an unfinished novel by the English writer Jane Austen. In January 1817, Austen began work on a new novel she called The Brothers, later titled Sanditon upon its first publication in 1925, and completed eleven chapters before stopping work in mid-March 1817, probably because her illness prevented her from continuing.

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The people of “modern Sanditon”, as Austen calls it, have moved out of the “old house – the house of [their] forefathers” and are busily constructing a new world in the form of a modern seaside commercial town. The town of Sanditon is probably based on Worthing, where Austen stayed in late 1805 when the resort was first being developed; or on Eastbourne; or on Bognor Regis whose founder Richard Hotham was the inspiration for Mr Parker (and the town contained a library at that time as described in the book). The town is less of an actual reality than it is an ideal of the inhabitants – one that they express in their descriptions. These inhabitants have a conception of the town's identity and of the way in which this identity should be spread to, and appreciated by, the world: “My name perhaps… may be unknown at this distance from the coast – but Sanditon itself – everybody has heard of Sanditon, – the favourite – for a young and rising bathing-place, certainly the favourite spot of all that are to be found along the coast of Sussex; – the most favoured by nature, and promising to be the most chosen by man.” (Sanditon)

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