In We Are the Joneses, plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Jones and his wife, journalist and multi-media mogul Cathleen Trigg-Jones are helping people change their lives, both inside and out, all while building a global brand and raising a family!

We Are the Joneses - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2017-04-22

We Are the Joneses - The Realistic Joneses - Netflix

The Realistic Joneses is a play by Will Eno. It opened on Broadway in 2014 after premiering in 2012 at the Yale Repertory Theater.

We Are the Joneses - Critical reception - Netflix

The reviewer of the Yale Repertory production wrote: “The wizardry of Eno's craft, directed with just the right tone by Sam Gold (with deft help by Mark Barton's striking light design), is that, as surrealistic as this world may seem, and as awkwardly funny as the action is, theatergoers most certainly identify with these characters' loneliness.” The USA Today reviewer (of the Broadway production) wrote: “Mortality itself is a key concern, and not just in relation to illness.... Joneses isn't a downer, though, and director Sam Gold and his excellent cast ensure that its humor and poignance are equally served. Predictably, there's no neat resolution; the play ends with all four of its characters in a relatively upbeat mood, yet not any surer how things will turn out.” Charles Isherwood of The New York Times wrote: “But don’t come to the play expecting tidy resolutions, clearly drawn narrative arcs or familiarly typed characters. 'The Realistic Joneses' progresses in a series of short scenes that have the shape and rhythms of sketches on 'Saturday Night Live' rather than those of a traditional play.... But for all Mr. Eno’s quirks, his words cut to the heart of how we muddle through the worst life can bring.”

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