Following the basic plot of the novel, "Watership Down" follows the lives of a group of rabbits as they leave their endangered warren in search of a safe new home. Travelling across the English countryside, they brave perilous dangers, until they finally find a hill called Watership Down, where they begin a new warren. However, they are endangered by another nearby warren, Efrafra, which is led by the authoritarian General Woundwort, and they are soon forced to defend their home and lives.

Although the first season initially concerned itself mostly with elements taken from the original novel, later on and especially in the second and third seasons, the plot deviated almost entirely from the novel, with many episodes focusing solely on new characters and situations.

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Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 23 minutes

Premier: 1999-09-28

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Tales from Watership Down is a collection of 19 short stories by Richard Adams, published in 1996 as a follow-up to Adams's highly successful 1972 novel about rabbits, Watership Down. It consists of a number of short stories of rabbit mythology, followed by several chapters featuring many of the characters introduced in the earlier book. Like its predecessor, Tales from Watership Down features epigraphs at the beginning of each chapter and a Lapine glossary.

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A reviewer for The New York Times wrote that while it was a “lighthearted companion piece” to Watership Down, it was “a little disjointed as a stand-alone volume”. The book was praised by another reviewer at, who wrote: "The pure, unfamiliar feelings evoked in “The Story of the Three Cows” and in the gory “The Hole in the Sky” — just two of the stories here—persist for quite a while after you've finished reading them".

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