Waco will explore the true life details leading up to and chronicling the siege between the FBI, the ATF and the religious sect, told from several perspectives of those involved. The series is based on two biographies: A Place Called Waco, by Branch Davidian survivor David Thibodeau, and Stalling For Time: My Life As An FBI Hostage Negotiator, written by the FBI's Special Agent in Charge of Negotiations Gary Noesner.

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: None

Waco - 2015 Waco shootout - Netflix

On May 17, 2015, in Waco, Texas, United States, a shootout erupted at a Twin Peaks restaurant where members of several motorcycle clubs (MC), including the Bandidos, Cossacks, and allies, had gathered for a regularly scheduled meeting about political rights for motorcyclists. Waco police, including a SWAT team, had gathered to monitor them from outside, and opened fire on the bikers after the shootout started. Nine bikers were killed, seven of them members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club, while eighteen others were injured.

Waco - Eyewitness accounts - Netflix

Some of the witnesses who came forth following the event: • Former U.S. Marine Michael Devoll of Fort Worth, was one of the bikers arrested and held for three weeks said there was a large amount of rifle fire coming from the police. Devoll also states that he thought the police were firing randomly into the crowd. • Steve Cochran, a Navy veteran and member of the Sons of the South club, arrived shortly before the shooting began and stated that he heard a pistol shot while the rest of the shots coming from a rifle. Other witnesses of the event also stated that the majority of the gunfire came from the police.

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