Varney & Company is hosted by veteran business journalist Stuart Varney, noted for his distinctive British accent, hosts this weekday morning program on which he and his guests discuss the implications of political news on the business world, and also how the news of the day affects personal finances. The company Varney keeps includes regular contributors Charles Payne, Sandra Smith and Elizabeth MacDonald, who weigh in on such issues as government spending, health care and bailouts.

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Type: News

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 180 minutes

Premier: 2010-01-18

Varney & Company - Varney & Co. - Netflix

Varney & Co., sometimes styled Varney & Company, is an American cable television news and talk show on the Fox Business Network hosted by British-American economic and political commentator Stuart Varney. The show includes market coverage, current events coverage, and interviews and commentary with Wall Street experts.

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In February 2015, Varney & Co. reached its highest-rated month since moving to the 11AM time slot, averaging 103,000 total viewers, 18,000 of whom were adults ages 25–54. Overall since the time change, the show was up 91% in total viewers and 31% among adults 25–54. On 24 August 2015, the show, which had switched to a three-hour slot from 9AM–12PM, set the record for Fox Business Network for that block with 230,000 total viewers and 54,000 in the 25–54-year-old demographic. In February 2016, Varney & Co., still in the 9AM–12PM slot, averaged 159,000 total viewers, up 65% from the same month one year prior.

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