Health Farm\ Humourous drama series with loa falkman.

\ A comedy about relationships, prejudices, health care and people's value versus money and egos. In the series we follow the more or less narrow-minded staff at the family-owned private hospital Regina home and their struggle to get the hospital to make a profit. The cast is seen among others loa falkman, Therese Andersson Lewis, Jonas Malmsjö and Bahar Pars.

Vårdgården - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Swedish

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: None

Vårdgården - Mina Azarian - Netflix

Mina Azarian (born 25 September 1959 in Iran) is a Swedish actress. Azarian is best known for her role as Shaisteh in the TV series Tre kronor.

Vårdgården - Filmography - Netflix

Enkronan (1987) Beck – Lockpojken (TV series, 1997) Tre kronor (TV series, 1998–1999) Före stormen (2000) Mellan himmel och hästben (2002) Kissed by Winter (2005) Labyrint (TV series, 2007) Blå ögon (English Blue Eyes, TV series, 2004-2005) Vårdgården (TV series, 2016- )

Vårdgården - References - Netflix