UNSUB follows a female detective on the trail of an infamous serial killer – inspired by the still-unsolved Zodiac case – who breaks his silence and begins killing again. The detective, who grew up watching her father destroy himself and his family as he chased the killer, now finds herself confronting the same monster her father never caught. The series will feature the lead character pursuing other UNSUBs (UNknown SUBjects, a law enforcement term used for suspects in a criminal investigation) as part of the NYPD's elite homicide division.

UNSUB - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: None

UNSUB - Spencer Reid - Netflix

Spencer Reid is a fictional character from the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds, portrayed by Matthew Gray Gubler. Reid is a genius with an IQ of 187 and can read 20,000 words per minute with an eidetic memory (meaning that he can remember an exceedingly large amount of information with extraordinary detail.) He is the youngest member of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), has three BAs and three PhDs, and specializes in statistics and geographic profiling.

UNSUB - Behavioral Analysis Unit - Netflix

Reid joined the FBI at either the age 21 or 22, depending upon what age he entered the FBI Academy. While there was “no psychological exam or test the FBI could put in front of him he could not ace inside of an hour”, he did struggle with the more physical aspects of training, and ultimately received waivers for those requirements. Even after a year in the field, Reid still struggles to pass his gun qualifications. He is often left behind during takedowns, has never given chase, and jokes that it's Morgan's job to kick down the doors. This does not bother the team, because while he has shown an ability to physically disarm unsubs, his true talent is psychologically disarming them, as well as his abilities to solve the cases behind the scenes. Profiling is the only profession Reid considered, and he was groomed specifically for the BAU. Upon graduation from the Academy, he was placed in the BAU at age 22, and given the title Supervisory Special Agent. His first case in the field was the Blue Ridge Strangler. Gideon is Reid's closest confidante on the team during the first two seasons, and often serves as a mentor to Reid. Gideon's departure affects Reid deeply. He tries playing all possible chess moves in order to understand. Reid is close to JJ, Morgan, and Emily Prentiss. JJ asks him to be godfather to her new born son Henry, and is the only one on the team who calls him “Spence.” It is implied in “Plain Sight” that Reid may have a slight crush on JJ, and Gideon even prods him to ask out JJ after giving him Washington Redskins football tickets for his birthday, but nothing comes from it, and they continue with their brother-sister relationship. However, Reid is very protective of her, and often blames himself if she is injured; even if there was nothing he could have done to prevent it. In “Closing Time”, after she arrests an unsub, but gets hurt in the process, Spencer is seen counting her injuries as she sits in the ambulance and tells the paramedic that she should be going to get a CAT scan. Reid also shares a brotherly friendship with Derek Morgan. In season seven, he is comfortable enough to start a joke war with him, something that he probably would never do with anyone else, and he occasionally confides his secrets to Morgan. It is suggested in the episode “Epilogue” that Reid told Derek details about what Tobias Hankel did to him when he makes a remark about seeing the afterlife before Tobias saved him. Morgan looks surprised and says “You never told me that.” In the episode “Elephant's Memory”, when approached by a fully armed Owen Savage, the unsub whom Reid identifies with, Reid gives Prentiss his gun and trusts her enough to back him up and not shoot at Owen as he tries talking Owen down. Although not shown, it is implied Reid and Prentiss spend time together outside of work heavily, along with riding the train home together when they return from cases. Prentiss is the only one who has beat Reid at poker, even correcting his statistic about her particular poker move. Reid and Prentiss are held hostage by a cult led by Benjamin Cyrus (portrayed by Luke Perry). Though he is not injured, Reid struggles with guilt over “allowing” Prentiss's beating at the hands of Cyrus in “Minimal Loss”. Reid later becomes close to Alex Blake, whose forensic linguistics class he guest lectures in. Blake serves as a maternal figure within the BAU. Reid contracts anthrax during an outbreak in Maryland, and is later shot in the leg protecting a doctor whose life is being threatened. During “Corazon”, Reid begins to suffer from severe headaches and hallucinations. He goes to see a doctor in order to find out the source of his headaches, but the doctor says there is no physical cause for his headaches, and they may be psychosomatic. Reid refuses to believe this, afraid that he may be suffering from the same illness as his mother. It is not mentioned again until “Coda”, when he is seen once again wearing sunglasses and is carrying a book on migraines. In the same episode, Reid bonds with a young autistic boy, Sammy Sparks. A cut line from the episode has Rossi stating that Sammy and Reid are two of the most fascinating minds he's ever encountered. In the episode “Valhalla”, Reid tells Prentiss about his headaches. By then, Reid has gone to several doctors, but no one has been able to diagnose what is wrong with him. He tells Prentiss that he has not told any of the team members because he is afraid that they will “make him feel like a baby.” In “Lauren”, it is Reid and Garcia who react most strongly to the news of Emily's death. Reid's reaction is to run out of the room, and he ends up sobbing into JJ's shoulder telling her that he “never got a chance to say goodbye.” In season seven, when Emily returns and Reid discovers Hotch and JJ faked her death, he is upset, especially with JJ. He tells her he feels betrayed because he came to her house “for 10 weeks in a row, crying over losing a friend” and “not once did you have the decency to tell me the truth.” She doesn't say anything. He asks J.J. “what if” he had started using Dilaudid again after Emily “died.” In “True Genius”, Reid doubts his reasons for being in the BAU and wonders if he should be doing more with his 'genius'. This is caused by the unsub sending him taunting messages and challenging Reid to find him. In this episode, he also reveals that the team missed his 30th birthday. At the end of the episode, the team throw him a mini birthday party.

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