A look at the true 'nature' of the world's most iconic wildernesses. This series investigates the little known human history behind the Serengeti, Yellowstone and the Amazon.

Unnatural Histories - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-06-09

Unnatural Histories - Unnatural History (TV series) - Netflix

Unnatural History is a Canadian-American television series produced by Warner Horizon Television for Cartoon Network and YTV. Originally part of the CN Real block which aired a line of live-action reality shows promoted in the summer season of 2009. The series is the second scripted, live-action show on Cartoon Network after the failure of Out of Jimmy's Head. The first season consisted of thirteen, hour-long episodes and premiered on Sunday, June 13, 2010. On July 13, the series was rescheduled to Tuesday nights. It is only the second Cartoon Network show outside of Adult Swim and Toonami to have the U.S. rating of “TV-PG-V”, and a parental-guidance warning after every commercial break and at the beginning of the show (the first being Star Wars: The Clone Wars); its rating in Canada for most episodes is “G”, or else “PG”. On November 19, 2010, it was announced that Cartoon Network did not renew the series for a second season despite its successful ratings.

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Hunter O'Herlihy (Wesley Morgan) is a stereotypical jock who plays for the football team of the school. He has very little intelligence and often displays abusive behavior to anyone around him, especially Jasper and Henry, often serving as an antagonist towards the group. However, he has shown some morals, as if someone helps him he will later repay the favor, stating he doesn't like to owe anybody. Julian Morneau (Matt Baram) is an Ornithology teacher as well as the estranged son of Dante. He is displayed as Henry's enemy in many episodes, which seems to stem from the fact that his father saw Henry as more of a son. He also appears to have his hands in shady places, such as helping in the illegal transport of an endangered species, as well as Henry is quick to suspect he might have a hand in some of the activities pertaining to the events of the episode. Rosmary Griffin (née Bartlett) (Jack Hourigan) is Henry's mother and the younger sister of Bryan who is actually skeptical of her son's recent activities and during the season finale, she and her husband at first views her son as a disgrace to the Griffin name after a humiliating incident, but after Henry saves the day once again, she and her husband realized what a great person her son is really is around the campus. Zafer Griffin (Scott Yaphe) is Henry's father who was also skeptical of his son's recent activities, but later realized how a good person Henry really is. Michael O'Molley (Robbie Amell) is another antagonist of Henry and his friends. He also has a rude attitude in general. He works at the juice bar located at the National Museum Complex.

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