The affluent Ushiromiya family patriarch, Kinzo, is on his deathbed, and his family has assembled at their private island to discuss the division of his estate. As they bicker over their father's immense inheritance, a typhoon closes in, trapping them on the island. They suddenly receive an eerie word of warning...and then, in the dead of night, the murders begin. One by one, family members are discovered murdered in bizarre and inhuman ways. Some within the family turn to superstition, blaming it on a witch rumored to inhabit the island. But one of them - the young Battler Ushiromiya - refuses to accept the supernatural and vows to uncover the real killer behind the seemingly impossible slaughters. He soon finds himself confronted by the apparent witch, and enters into a life-or-death battle for the truth.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2009-07-02

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The Umineko When They Cry anime television series is based on the sound novel series of the same name by the Japanese dōjin soft maker 07th Expansion. The episodes, produced by Studio Deen, are directed by Chiaki Kon, written by Toshifumi Kawase, and features character design by Yoko Kikuchi who based the designs on Ryukishi07's original concept, who also wrote the original story. The story focuses on a group of eighteen people on a secluded island for a period of two days, and the mysterious murders that befall most of the people. The 26 episodes in the series aired in Japan between July 2 and December 24, 2009 on the Chiba TV broadcasting network and aired on additional stations at later times. Six BD and DVD compilation volumes were released in Japan by Geneon Universal Entertainment between October 23, 2009 and March 25, 2010. The opening theme is “Katayoku no Tori” (片翼の鳥, lit. “One-Winged Bird”) by Akiko Shikata, and the ending theme is “La Divina Tragedia: Makyoku” (la divina tragedia~魔曲~, lit. “The Divine Tragedy: Demonic Song”) by Jimang.

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