A story about a woman who becomes a promising oriental medical doctor after going through many ups and downs in her life. It is also about innocent, yet desperate love of four different people and their different ways of love. Samsaengi illustrates simple and honest story of Seoul in the 70s through various characters.

TV Novel: Sam Saeng - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 40 minutes

Premier: 2013-01-07

TV Novel: Sam Saeng - Hong Ah-reum - Netflix

Hong Ah-reum (born March 28, 1989) is a South Korean actress. Hong made her entertainment debut in 2006 through a MapleStory commercial, then launched her acting career. She has made herself known as one of the most familiar faces in Korean telenovela by headlining several titles of the genre such as Reversal of Fate, A Bird That Doesn't Sing, and two of KBS TV Novel series Samsaengi and Dal Soon's Spring.

TV Novel: Sam Saeng - Film - Netflix

TV Novel: Sam Saeng - References - Netflix