Tracey Takes On... is a HBO sketch comedy series starring actress-comedian Tracey Ullman. The show ran for four seasons, and won multiple awards.

The series was nominated for thirty-six Emmy Awards, winning six, including one in 1997 for Outstanding Music, Comedy and Variety Show.

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Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1996-01-24

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For the sport shooter, see Kay Clark-Miculek Kay Clark is a fictional character created and portrayed by Tracey Ullman. She is the character Ullman has portrayed for the longest time, spanning over four decades and three television series. The character was born out of a sketch for a guest appearance on the British television comedy and music show Saturday Live in 1986.

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Kay is presented as a 42-year-old Californian bank teller (and sometimes branch manager) at Van Nuys Savings and Loan. She took a work transfer from the bank she worked at in England to its American branch to take advantage of the American health care system for her mother. She lives in Panorama City. Unlike her portrayal in The Tracey Ullman Show, Kay does not face the wrath of her nasty coworkers. While her Mother is not seen on screen, she is heard through a series of beeps from her bedroom. Kay's mother became an invalid after having been involved in an accident where the sidecar in which she was traveling broke free from the motorbike Kay's father was driving. “'I didn't know the damn motorbike would part company with the sidecar, Mildred,' he shouted over his shoulder, as he sped off up Shaftesbury Avenue.” Later, Kay's mother warned her: “I remember the cold, steely glint in Mother's eye as she stared up at me from her iron lung. 'Kay,' she said, 'don't ever marry. All men will try to kill you, after they've done nasty things to your downstairs areas.'” In the episode “Tracey Takes On... Death”, Kay's father is revealed to have run off with her aunt, Marjorie. Kay is an avid reader of espionage fiction. In the book Tracey Takes On, Kay's age is revealed to be 42. She seeks medical marijuana for Mother in the episode “Tracey Takes On... Smoking” and inadvertently becomes a recreational user herself. Work and acting as a caregiver have given Kay very little time for a social life. She has never lost her virginity. After she takes part in a prison pen-pal program, attorney Sydney Kross (Ullman) convinces her to marry an inmate in hopes of sparing him the death penalty. Kay follows through with the quickie wedding, but her marriage does not result in a stay of execution from the governor. Kay's husband is placed in a gas chamber, leaving her, as Ullman refers to her, as “the virgin widow.” In the series finale, “Tracey Takes On... The End of the World,” Kay's mother finally dies. Kay now has her freedom - “Three hours and fourteen minutes of it!” she exclaims.

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