Neil Ashton hosts a discussion on the week's major football stories, joined by leading football journalists to give their opinion on all the latest news.

The Sunday Supplement - Netflix

Type: Sports

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 90 minutes

Premier: 2017-01-01

The Sunday Supplement - John Ryan (publisher) - Netflix

John Ryan is an Irish journalist and publisher. He is a former editor of Magill and In Dublin. His publications include the magazines VIP and New York Dog (both with former business partner, Michael O'Doherty) and the websites, and In 2009 Ryan also created and starred in a RTÉ Two comedy television show This is Nightlive, which mimicked the antics of Ireland's newscasters and other newsroom members.

The Sunday Supplement - This is Nightlive - Netflix

Ryan returned to Ireland in 2008 to pitch his idea for a new television show to RTÉ. The show, This is Nightlive, launched in January 2009. It was satirical in nature and parodied a typical newsroom fronted by the fictional anchorman Johnny Hansom. Hansom (played by Ryan) and his team who present a Lifestyle News show on which they claim that “they are the news”. Ryan modelled his show on The Colbert Report, a show with a cult following on American cable television.

The Sunday Supplement - References - Netflix