Phil, Blaze and their crew, Summertime and Sasquatch are known to be the best safe crackers in the state of Alabama. They can crack open any safe big or small and often solve the mystery of the contents inside.

The Safecrackers - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2014-03-24

The Safecrackers - Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure - Netflix

Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure is a video game developed by Kheops Studio and published by The Adventure Company. Safecracker was also released on Steam on August 29, 2007. It was included in Humble Bundle's Humble Weekly Sale: The Adventure Company and Friends. It is the spiritual successor to the 1997 PC game Safecracker by Dreamcatcher Interactive and Daydream Software. On February 2, 2007, PC Gamer US, awarded SafeCracker “Best puzzle game of 2007”.

The Safecrackers - Gameplay - Netflix

The game is a first person adventure game, where the player moves through 3D environments, to find the safes to crack. The safes themselves vary in style and design, from safe to safe.

The Safecrackers - References - Netflix