In season 3 of The Riveras, the family is growing and changing. Chiquis is launching her new album and going on tour, but can she balance this heavy workload while nurturing a new romance? Jacquie is also figuring out how to pursue her musical dreams while still being a good mom and wife. Jenicka is exploring careers while Mikey tries to build his own business, and Johnny is graduating a year early from high school and for the first time, has to figure life out on his own without the constant attention of his eldest sister.

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Type: Reality

Languages: Spanish

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-10-16

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The Incredibles is a 2004 American computer-animated superhero film written and directed by Brad Bird, produced by Pixar Animation Studios, released by Walt Disney Pictures, and starring the voices of Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, Spencer Fox, Jason Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, Bird, and Elizabeth Peña. The film follows the Parrs, a family of superheroes who are forced to live a quiet suburban life while hiding their powers. Mr. Incredible's desire to help people draws the entire family into a confrontation with a disgruntled ex-fan, who intends to become a superhero to the public by “combating” a killer robot of his design, which he has used to eliminate other superheroes. Bird, who was Pixar's first outside director, developed the film as an extension of the 1960s comic books and spy films from his boyhood and personal family life. He pitched the film to Pixar after the box office disappointment of his first feature, The Iron Giant (1999), and carried over much of its staff to develop The Incredibles. The animation team was tasked with animating an all-human cast, which required creating new technology to animate detailed human anatomy, clothing and realistic skin and hair. Michael Giacchino composed the film's orchestral score. The film premiered on October 27, 2004, at the BFI London Film Festival and had its general release in the United States on November 5, 2004. It performed well at the box office, grossing $633 million worldwide during its original theatrical run. The Incredibles received widespread approval from critics and audiences, winning two Academy Awards and the Annie Award for Best Animated Feature. It was the first entirely animated film to win the prestigious Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation. It is the first installment in The Incredibles film series. A sequel, Incredibles 2, was released on June 15, 2018.

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Despite concerns that the film would receive underwhelming results, the film's domestic gross was $70,467,623 in its opening weekend from 7,600 screens at 3,933 theaters, averaging $17,917 per theater or $9,272 per screen, the highest opening-weekend gross for a Pixar film (the record was later broken in 2010 by Toy Story 3, with $110,307,189), the highest November opening weekend for a Disney film (the record was broken in 2013 by Thor: The Dark World with $85.7 million), the highest opening weekend for a non-sequel animated feature (the record was broken in 2007 by The Simpsons Movie, with $74,036,787), and the highest opening weekend for a non-franchise-based film for just over five years when Avatar opened with $77,025,481. This opening was the second-highest for an animated film at the time. The film was also number one in its second weekend, grossing another $50,251,359, dropping just 29 percent, and easily out-grossing new animated opener The Polar Express. The film ultimately grossed $261,441,092, as the seventh-highest-grossing Pixar film behind Finding Dory ($486.3 million), Toy Story 3 ($415.0 million), Finding Nemo ($380.8 million), Inside Out ($356.5 million), Up ($293.0 million), Monsters, Inc. ($289.9 million), and Monsters University ($268.5 million) and the fifth-highest-grossing film of 2004. Worldwide, the film grossed $631,442,092, and is thus the eighth-highest-grossing Pixar film behind Toy Story 3 ($1.067 billion), Finding Dory ($1.029 billion), Finding Nemo ($940.3 million), Inside Out ($857.6 million), Coco ($804.2 million), Monsters University ($744.2 million), and Up ($735.1 million), and ranked fourth for 2004. It is also the second-highest-grossing 2004 animated film behind Shrek 2 ($919.8 million).

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