The Other Half is a game show about dating that aired from 1997 to 2002 on BBC One.

The idea was to guess which of the four women/men was going out with the woman/man. This was worked out through a number of questions and games in which the correct choice always had to tell the truth whilst the others all lied.

The Other Half - Netflix

Type: Game Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 40 minutes

Premier: 1997-06-07

The Other Half - Half and half - Netflix

Half and half is the name of various beverages or liquid foods made of an equal-parts mixture of two substances, including dairy products, alcoholic beverages, and soft drinks.

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In Ireland, a half and half is a combination of Guinness draught and Harp or Smithwick's Ale, with the Guinness in a layer on top. In Britain, a half and half may also mean a mixture of mild ale and bitter. In the North East of England, a request for a half and half would more commonly produce a combination of Scotch ale and India pale ale (IPA). This drink fell from favour when the Scottish & Newcastle brewery were obliged to sell many of their tied public houses and McEwan's Scotch and IPA disappeared from public bars across the North East. In Canada and the United States, capitalized Half & Half is Guinness draught and Bass Pale Ale. A lower case half & half is a generic Guinness draught. Black and Tan is any lager or ale that will support the Guinness draught, although some Irish-themed bars shun the term for its association with the Black and Tans. In the U.S., the terms (Half and Half, Black and Tan, etc.) are not actually interchangeable. All of the versions start with Guinness Stout. “Black and Tan” refers to Guinness and Bass. “Half and Half” is Guinness and Harp. Guinness and Smithwick's is a Blacksmith.

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