We are fortunate to have an amazing amount of wildlife on this planet. However, illegal trading and poaching have dramatically reduced the livelihood of these magnificent creatures. Enter: "The Operatives". When famed eco-warrior Pete Bethune (Whale Wars) saw these atrocities, he took a stand and began assembling a group of highly trained, skilled, and motivated military elite with one mission: to expose suspected criminals who are endangering our wildlife and our environment. After two successful campaigns in Africa and Central America, the Operatives are now embarking on even bolder and more dangerous missions in Asia this year with a brand new team to tackle numerous threats to wildlife.

The Operatives - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2014-08-17

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The Co-operative is a common branding used by a variety of co-operatives based in the United Kingdom. Many in the UK consider 'Co-op' to be a single national business, whereas the brand actually represents a number of different consumers' co-operatives spanning various sectors. The Co-operative Group is the largest consumer co-operative in the UK and the biggest user of the Co-operative brand in its 4,500 trading outlets. Many independent retail societies in the UK trade as “Co-op” and many, such as the Midcounties Co-operative and the Central England Co-operative, use the latest incarnation of the common brand. Most co-operative societies have businesses in many different areas; however, the largest areas of the businesses are in food shops, particularly convenience shops, thus the largest and most visible use of the branding is as Co-op Food. The Co-operative brand as it is widely used today came about as a result of the Co-operative Commission's report into the British co-operative movement which recommended that all UK consumers' co-operative societies switch to a universal recognisable co-operative brand. This single brand would be in contrast to the previous array of brands which had existed up to this point including the '1992 cloverleaf', the 'Co-op Welcome' and 'Co-op Late Shop' brands which was understood by the commission to be holding back the public's perception of the co-op sector's modernising approach. Not all of the UK's consumers' co-operative adopted the resultant 2008 version of The Co-operative brand with the Lincolnshire Co-operative and Scotmid being notable examples. At The Co-operative Group's 2016 AGM, it was announced that the Group would go back to a revitalised version of the 1968 Co-op 'cloverleaf' design, utilising a uniform blue through all business areas.

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