The Great Merchant - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 55 minutes

Premier: 2010-03-06

The Great Merchant - The Great Merchant - Netflix

The Great Merchant (Hangul: 거상 김만덕; Hanja: 巨商金萬德; RR: Geosang Gim Mandeok; lit. Merchant Kim Man-deok) is a 2010 South Korean historical drama starring Lee Mi-yeon, Han Jae-suk, Park Sol-mi, Ha Seok-jin, and Go Doo-shim. It aired on KBS1 from March 6 to June 13, 2010 on Saturdays and Sundays at 20:40 for 30 episodes. The series follows the life of Kim Man-deok (1739-1812). Kim was born on Jeju Island. Adopted by the head of a gisaeng house at the age of 12, she became a government gisaeng ― a type of Korean traditional entertainer who is designated and reserved specifically for government officials. After discovering a talent in business and commerce, she later became one of the most successful female merchants on the island. When Jeju was struck by a deadly famine in 1795 (the 19th year of King Jeongjo, Kim sold all her assets and donated approximately 90% of her money (approximated to be ₩70 billion in today's currency) to save millions of lives. Kim was later praised by numerous scholars and philosophers, which was notable given her background as a gisaeng and the fact that she saved the people of Jeju Island, a place that was considered a place of exile at the time. Kim's heroic deeds were documented in Jeongjo Sillok (“The Annals of King Jeongjo”) in 1796, and was even featured as a folktale called Mandeok-jeon (“The Story of Man-deok”). In 1978, a memorial was created for Kim Man-deok on Jeju Island, and annually Jeju Island presents the “Man-deok Award” to two outstanding women in philanthropy. The drama features Kim's life and achievements, along with her ongoing rivalry with fellow merchants during the Joseon Dynasty.

The Great Merchant - Cast - Netflix

Stepmother of Kang Yoo-ji; owner of West Gate Market Brokers. Ha Seok-jin as Kang Yoo-ji Stepson of Oh Moon-seon; Foreman, West Gate Market Brokers. Go Doo-shim as Hal-mae, “Granny” Formerly Palace Matron Kim. Kim Cheol-ki as Dong-ah Lee Mi-ji as Deok-pal's mother Lee Byung-wook as Kim Pan-sool Junior Foreman of East Gate. Kim Kap-soo as Kang Kye-man Kim Myung-kook as Choi Nam-gu Assistant Magistrate Kim Kyu-chul as Steward Oh Lee Dal-hyung as Kim Dong-joo Kim Sun-kyung as Myo-hyang Shim Eun-jin as Yo-hwa Gisaeng. Jo Yang-ja as Chok-sae's mother Cook at gisaeng house. Park Soon-chun as Yeong Cheon-daek Choi Jae-sung as Lord Kim Eung-ryul Father of Kim Man-deok; Inspector, Commerce Control Bureau. Kim Byung-ki as Lord Jung Do-woong Father of Jung Hong-soo; Minister, Board of Punishments. Choo So-young as Eun-hong Lee Deok-hee as Jung Hong-soo's mother Song Yong-tae as Go Seok-joo Senior Foreman, East Gate Market Brokers. Jeon Ye-seo as Baek Jo-rye Jo Jae-wan as Deok-pal Oh Yeon-seo as Lee Eun Jung Soo-young as Kim Seo-joo Jo Byung-gi as Lee Bang Jung Jong-joon as Mu Maeng-dal Loan shark. Jung Joo-hee as Holjjugi Kang Min-suk as Chil-bok Maeng Ho-rim as Minister Chae Yoo Yeon-mi as Kkot-nim Kim Sung-hoon as Wal-pae Im Hyuk Lee Jooyeon

Daughter of Lord Kim Eung-ryul and Yi Eun-hong, a commoner from Jeju Island. Han Jae-suk as Jung Hong-soo Do Ji-han as young Hong-soo

Son of Lord Jung Do-woong; Assistant Section Chief of Board of Punishments; formerly Captain of Commerce Control Bureau. Park Sol-mi as Oh Moon-seon, “Madam Oh” Joo Da-young as Mak-soon (young Moon-seon)

Lee Mi-yeon as Kim Man-deok/Yi Hong Shim Eun-kyung as Hong (young Yi Hong)

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