A reality series pitting people identified with "genius traits" against one another in social games of strategy, logic, and negotiation skills. Each episode consists of a main match and a death math. The main match decides the winner and elimination candidate for the day. The winner receives a token of life, which grants immunity from the death match, and potentially garnets, a game currency worth ₩1,000,000 each. Garnets can be used to improve a player's chances of winning a game, as well as be traded with other players to gain favor. The elimination candidate chooses a player without a token of life to take part in a 1v1 game called the death match. The player who loses the death match is eliminated, and the winner of the death match gains their garnets. The last remaining player is the champion, and the total garnets held by the champion will be the final prize.

The Genius - Netflix

Type: Game Show

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 70 minutes

Premier: 2013-04-26

The Genius - Evil Genius (TV series) - Netflix

Evil Genius: The True Story of America's Most Diabolical Bank Heist is a 2018 true crime docuseries about the murder of Brian Wells, a high-profile 2003 incident often referred to as the “collar bomb” or “pizza bomber” case. It was released on Netflix as a four-part series on May 11, 2018, whereupon Netflix marketed it as featured content.

The Genius - Critical response - Netflix

Evil Genius has a rating of 80% on Rotten Tomatoes. The site's consensus reads, “Evil Genius makes up for a lack of conviction and nuance with an intriguing sense of discovery and plenty of entertaining insanity.” The Daily Telegraph's Ed Cumming gave Evil Genius 4 stars out of 5, calling it “a bizarre, grim story that sticks in the mind”. Similarly, Greg Morabito reviewed the series favorably for Eater.com, concluding that “Like any great true-crime saga, Evil Genius explores not just the evidence behind the crimes, but also the lives of the suspects, the victims, and their families. The result is a multi-layered look at how a small community was rocked by a series of unbelievable events and the investigations that followed.” Lanre Bakare of the Guardian gave Evil Genius 3 stars out of 5. In his review, he wrote that the series displays “a haunting and unsettling feel as the conspiracy starts to unravel, and the motivations that drove the people who carried out the heist – partially at least – become apparent. There’s plenty here for the true-crime crowd and for devotees of the darkness lurking in suburbia.” Daniel Fienberg wrote in the Hollywood Reporter that Borzillieri's dogged, intense pursuit of the true culprit in the Wells case was both the best and most frustrating part of Evil Genius. Fienberg argued that Borzillieri's pursuit of a given conclusion both made the series intense and revealing and compromised Borzillieri's objectivity.

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