This award-winning British animated series takes you on a journey into the land of dreams and nightmares... where you will meet the Noops, Wuts and Urpneys that live there! Discover a battle set in a faraway world between a kind dreammaker and the evil Zordrak - the lord of nightmares. Join Rufus, Amberley and friends and discover the magical phenomenon of the Dreamstone.

The Dreamstone - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1990-09-25

The Dreamstone - Anthony Jackson (actor) - Netflix

Anthony Thomas Jackson (18 February 1944 – 26 November 2006) was an English actor, who reached his widest audiences as founder of the eponymous ghost hiring agency in the long-running BBC children's comedy series Rentaghost. Jackson began his career with the Birmingham Repertory. He studied at Rose Bruford College and in 1965 joined the Radio Drama Company by winning the Carlton Hobbs Bursary. Later he played at the Mermaid Theatre and the Nottingham Playhouse.

The Dreamstone - Voiceover - Netflix

Jackson also did voiceovers for animation including the TV series The Dreamstone, Budgie the Little Helicopter, Shakespeare: The Animated Tales, Watership Down, The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends and Testament: The Bible in Animation and the film A Monkey's Tale. He also did voices in live-action shows and films including The Storyteller, Labyrinth and A.D.A.M. He found a niche in The Godot Company, and became one of its principal members.

The Dreamstone - References - Netflix