"The Cisco Kid" was one of the first television programs to feature Hispanic actors as the lead characters, and it was the first show ever to be produced in color even though most TV sets in 1950 could only display black and white film. But it was the program s perfect mix of humor and adventure that kept audiences tuning in for years, and that earned the series a Primetime Emmy Award!

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Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1950-09-05

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The Cisco Kid is an American 1994 TV movie, which updated the successful 1950s comedy western television series, and 1940s movie serial. The film was written by Michael Kane and directed by Luis Valdez. Jimmy Smits played the Cisco Kid, the role previously played by Duncan Renaldo, Gilbert Roland, and Cesar Romero. Cheech Marin played his sidekick Pancho. Bruce Payne and Ron Perlman played French villains. The film aired on the TNT Network.

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Just before its initial airing, Todd Everett of Variety praised the casting of Jimmy Smits in the role of The Cisco Kid as “ideal”, and wrote that Cheech Marin as Pancho had “never been more appealing”. He predicted that the film would have broad appeal. Empire Magazine noted that the film depicted Mexicans in a less stereotypical fashion than the original television series.

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