Supplemented by re-enactments, THE BIBLE'S GREATEST SECRETS uses scientific experiments, archaeological evidence, and interviews with historians, theologians, and other experts to explore, examine, and discuss various biblical passages and events. Each 60-minute episode focuses on a different story, including: "The Death of Jesus," during which experts re-examine the trial of Jesus and his death by crucifixion; "The Disciples," which chronicles the backgrounds of the Apostles, identifying what brought them together; "Peter the Rock," which explores how and why Peter the Apostle became a leader of the early church; "Joseph and His Coat of Many," during which experts examine evidence to determine if the son of Jacob really existed; "The Battle of Jericho," during which military analysts, audio experts (like acoustical engineer Barry Gibbs) and seismologists perform experiments to determine if horns could have knocked down the walls of Jericho; "David vs. Goliath," which showcases the work of historians, archaeologists, and ballistics expert (like Alan Birkbeck), who explore the myths surrounding the story of the future king of Israel who took down a Philistine giant; "Herod and the Bethlehem," which examines the story of King Herod, who ordered the massacre of male infants in Bethlehem in an attempt to kill Jesus; "Revelation: Visions of Armageddon," which explores the Book of Revelation, which describes visions of Armageddon, the Beast, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; and "Who Was Mary Magdalene?," which examines who Mary was and how she gained prominence.

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Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2013-12-08

The Bible's Greatest Secrets - Alton Gansky - Netflix

Alton Gansky is an American novelist in the Christian fiction genre. He has written 6 non-fiction books and 23 novels, three of which were co-authored with former Army Ranger Jeff Struecker. In 2012 Gansky and Struecker's Fallen Angel was honored as the American Christian Fiction Writers' “top thriller” of that year.

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