Ha Ni is a mermaid princess in the underwater empire, but she falls in love with Shi Kyung, and for him she becomes a human being and begins to live at the In Gyeo House. The house is for people who are preparing to land their first jobs. To permanently become a human being, Ha Ni must make Shi Kyung love her within 100 days.

Surplus Princess - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 2014-08-07

Surplus Princess - Loren Horsley - Netflix

Loren Horsley is a New Zealand-born actress and writer. Horsley is perhaps best known for her role as Lily in the 2007 film Eagle vs Shark directed by her then life partner, Taika Waititi. Horsley is involved with supporting the One Percent Collective run by Pat Shepherd Loren doing voiceovers, casting, and acting in its promotional videos. The One Percent Collective supports small New Zealand charities. Two of these charities, Kaibosh and Amped4life, are described as being close to Horsley's heart. Kaibosh is a Wellington-based charity that collects surplus food from retailers and redistributes it amongst local charities, who then give the food to people in need. Amped4Life works directly with schools, industry and the community to tackle the underlying causes of drug and alcohol abuse.

Surplus Princess - Plays and Films - Netflix

Existence (2012) Dancing in the Sky (2011) Diagnosis: Death (2009) The Handover (2008) Eagle vs Shark (2007) – Lily Lovely Rita (2007) Bad Dates (2005) Heinous Crime (2004) – Lawyer, Jury member, Debbie The Insiders Guide to Happiness (2004) (TV) – Olive Kombi Nation (2003) – Liz The Strip (2002-2003) Atlantis High (2001) (TV) – Sabrina Georgia Xena: Warrior Princess (2000) (TV) – Sieglinda Young Hercules (1998) (TV) – Cleo

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