On "Sunday Housecall" Dr. Marc Siegel and Dr. David Samadi talk about all the newest Medical News and answer questions about personal hearth.

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Type: Talk Show

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2011-12-01

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Big Brother, the American version of the worldwide television show, features contestants (called houseguests) that compete against each other to be the last Big Brother house resident and win $500,000. The series first aired in 2000, and nineteen seasons have been completed as of September 2017. Big Brother contestants are chosen by the show's producers through an application process that includes a videotape submission, semi-final interviews at select cities, and a final interview in Los Angeles. Contestants are also recruited through various means but then follow the same subsequent interview process in order to appear on the show. A total of 252 participants have competed in Big Brother and in Big Brother: Over The Top, and 27 of them have competed in multiple seasons: Big Brother: All-Stars featured 14 returning HouseGuests chosen either through viewer vote or by producers from an initial group of 20 candidates. For Big Brother 11, four past HouseGuests were given the chance to return based on the results of the season's first competition, after which one of them entered the house. Season 13 featured three “Dynamic Duos” from previous seasons, season 14 brought in four Big Brother veterans to coach the 12 new HouseGuests and season 18 saw the return of four returnees playing the game with 12 new houseguests. In Big Brother: Over the Top, ex-HouseGuests Jason Roy and Jozea Flores were given the chance to return through a public vote. Roy won the public vote and became the 13th houseguest. The 19th season brought along the return of a past houseguest as the 17th houseguest, but he was actually there to take the spot of one of the 16 new houseguests, as a consequence for one of the newbies taking a temptation. While most players are evicted from the house by vote, three have chosen to leave the house on their own volition, referred to as “Walking”, while others were ejected, or “Expelled”, by the producers for flagrant violation of the rules, such as engaging in violent behavior or intentionally damaging game equipment. Other HouseGuests have returned to the game after eviction, usually due to a twist but once as a replacement for a HouseGuest who walked.

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^[I] Contestant's age at the start of the season.^[II] U.S. state abbreviations can be found here.

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