The year is 2275. Earth has colonized the entire solar system, but things are dangerous out there. Enter Dante Montana, a reluctant bounty hunter haunted by his past, who, along with his crew, travels the universe in pursuit of dangerous interplanetary criminals, including The Raiders—an evil force that Dante believes kidnapped his son. Meanwhile, covert forces are waging a desperate war to unlock the secrets of the Divinity Cluster—powerful knowledge that in the wrong hands would mean universal domination...

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Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2000-11-01

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This is list of works by American military science fiction writer David Drake.

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“Time Safari”, first published in Destinies (Spring 1981) “Calibration Run”, first published in Time Safari (1982) “Boundary Layer”, first published in Time Safari (1982) “King Tyrant Lizard”, first published in Tyrannosaur (1993) These time travel stories about the dinosaur-hunting Henry Vickers have been published in various places. Time Safari (1982) collects the first three stories, Tyrannosaur (1993) also collects three stories but replaces “Calibration Run” by “King Tyrant Lizard”. All four stories were first published together in Dinosaurs & a Dirigible (2014) which also contains the unrelated time travel story “Travellers”.

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