"Stagecoach West" was a western drama series which on the ABC network from 1960-1961.

Luke and Simon operate the Timberland Stage Line from Missouri to San Francisco. Simon's son, Davey, joins the two as they run into all sorts of troubles, including stagecoach robbers and murderers.

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Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1960-10-04

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Stagecoach Gold is a luxury bus sub-brand used by various Stagecoach bus subsidiaries in the United Kingdom. Stagecoach Gold (originally Goldline) was launched in 2007 and was designed to attract more middle-class passengers to choose bus travel as a method of transport as well as to reward passengers on some busy and popular routes. Stagecoach in Oxfordshire currently runs the most Stagecoach Gold routes, nine, as of April 2018, with Stagecoach West following closely behind running eight. Stagecoach South Wales owns the largest number of Stagecoach Gold branded vehicles with 62 in its fleet as of January 2018.

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As at March 2018 there are 44 Stagecoach Gold routes (excluding night services).

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