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Type: Sports

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-04-16

Sportsline - Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters - Netflix

The Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM, German Touring Car Masters) is a touring car series sanctioned by DMSB and ITR who has been an affiliation of FIA since 1976 and 2003 respectively. Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters cars use a silhouette racing car based on a mass-produced road car, and is based in Germany, but also with rounds elsewhere in Europe. From 2000 onwards, this new DTM continued the former Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft (German Touring Car Championship) and ITC (International Touring Car Championship) which had been discontinued after 1996 due to high costs.

Sportsline - Balance of Performance - Netflix

In 2015, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters were introduced the Balance of Performance (BoP) weight to improve racing spectacle. The Balance of Performance (BoP) weight regulations were the car weight allowance range must be 2,436–2,513 lb (1,105–1,140 kg) in 2015-2016 later changed to 2,414–2,513 lb (1,095–1,140 kg) from the mid-2017 season. The Balance of Performance (BoP) weight regulations were scrapped just before the Austrian race due to several protests and criticisms from DTM teams.

Sportsline - References - Netflix