Hosted by comedian David Alan Grier, Snap Decision asks the question: "What can you tell about a person just by looking at them?" Studio contestants are asked to make snap judgments about three strangers, recently interviewed on the street. Looks can be deceiving, as people are often not who they may seem. The winner receives a \$10,000 grand prize.

Snap Decision - Netflix

Type: Game Show

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2017-08-07

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Words of estimative probability (WEP or WEPs) are terms used by intelligence analysts in the production of analytic reports to convey the likelihood of a future event occurring. A well-chosen WEP gives a decision maker a clear and unambiguous estimate upon which to base a decision. Ineffective WEPs are vague or misleading about the likelihood of an event. An ineffective WEP places the decision maker in the role of the analyst, increasing the likelihood of poor or snap decision making. Some intelligence and policy failures appear to be related to an imprecise use of estimative words.

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