Twin detectives Xiaotu and Xiaohu set up a business that specializes in dealing with supernatural occurrences. However, when they investigate what seems to be an ordinary "Supernatural" case, a series of bizarre events unfold. To that end, Xiaotu and Xiaohu conquer hardships with every step they take, to clear the hazy path towards the truth.

Shuangsheng Lingtan - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Chinese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 15 minutes

Premier: 2016-08-25

Shuangsheng Lingtan - List of Chinese animated series - Netflix

These Chinese animated series have been shown publicly and have achieved varying levels of popularity in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan; they are in Mandarin Chinese language only:

Shuangsheng Lingtan - 2000s - Netflix

Balala the Fairies The Blue Mouse and the Big Faced Cat Century Sonny Dinosaur Baby Holy Heroes The Dreaming Girl Five Lucky Mouse GG Bond Homer and Landau The Legend of Condor Hero Little Cherry Little Soldier Zhang Ga Music Up The Olympic Adventures of Fuwa Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf SkyEye Tortoise Hanba's Stories Wanderings of Sanmao Wind and Cloud Zentrix The Legend of Qin Shalan

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