Professor Jim Al-Khalili tells the electrifying story of our quest to master nature's most mysterious force - electricity. Until fairly recently, electricity was seen as a magical power, but it is now the lifeblood of the modern world and underpins every aspect of our technological advancements. Without electricity, we would be lost. This series tells of dazzling leaps of imagination and extraordinary experiments - a story of maverick geniuses who used electricity to light our cities, to communicate across the seas and through the air, to create modern industry and to give us the digital revolution.

Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-10-06

Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity - Jim Al-Khalili - Netflix

Jameel Sadik Al-Khalili (born 20 September 1962) is a British theoretical physicist, author and broadcaster. He is Professor of Theoretical Physics and Chair in the Public Engagement in Science at the University of Surrey. He is a regular broadcaster and presenter of science programmes on BBC radio and television, and is a frequent commentator about science in other British media. In 2014, Al-Khalili was named as a RISE (Recognising Inspirational Scientists and Engineers) leader by the UK's Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). He was President of the British Humanist Association between January 2013 and January 2016.

Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity - Awards and honours - Netflix

2007 - Royal Society Michael Faraday Prize for science communication 2008 - OBE 2013 - Warwick Prize for Writing, shortlist, Pathfinders 2014 - RISE leader award 2013 - Honorary Doctor of Science, Royal Holloway University of London 2014 - Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Bradford 2015 - Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Portsmouth 2016 - Inaugural winner of the Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication 2017 - Honorary Doctorate, University of York 2018 - FRS

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