Asakura You is a shaman, one who can see and communicate with spirits. You is training to become the Shaman King, strongest among all the Shamans. The ones helping him are Manta, a short boy who can see ghosts and Amidamaru, who is an old samurai spirit and You's partner. However there are also others who are trying to get the title Shaman King.

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Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2001-07-04

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The manga and anime series Shaman King features several characters created by Hiroyuki Takei. As a result of being focused on shamanism the series' cast is divided between humans and spirits, the latter not being able to go the afterlife due to their alliance with the former. The series primarily focuses on a teenager named Yoh Asakura, who reveals to his classmate Manta Oyamada that he is a shaman when fighting a group delinquents led by Ryu. Wishing to lead a peaceful life, Yoh has been training from an early age to become the titular “Shaman King”, who will be able to change the world according to his will. During Yoh's training, Manta meets Yoh's demanding fiancée, Anna Kyoyama and Yoh's spirit partner, the samurai Amidamaru. In his journey to become Shaman King, Yoh also meets with a number of rival shamans who seek to become Shaman King for their own reasons and visions of the future, some who become his allies and others who become his enemies. The series' sequel, Shaman King Flowers, deals with Yoh's son, Hana Asakura, on his development as a shaman.

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Opacho (オパチョ): A small child devoted to Hao who is deceptively much more powerful than she seems because she survived a near death experience shortly after birth. Found by Hao as a malnourished baby in South Africa, he adopted and raised her. Though he originally named her Ohachiyo (乙破千代) after the demon companion he met in his first life, she pronounced the name incorrectly as “Opacho” and the name stuck. Possessing powerful but unrefined shamanic abilities, Opacho is capable of creating illusions and has the same mindreading abilities as Hao and Anna do. Her spirit is known as Mama (ママ), who is not powerful, but can be used to create a sheep-like Oversoul with Opacho's hair, giving her great ramming power. Because of Opacho's straightforward and simple-nature, Hao allows her to accompany him and occasionally confides in her about his plans and what he thinks of Yoh and his power. In the anime, her faith in Hao becomes fear when she notes that Hao has made a change for the worse and flees from him. In the manga, Hao sends her as a messenger to coerce Yoh into returning to the Shaman Fight after he withdraws as per his agreement with Iron Maiden Jeanne to revive Ren. She later becomes part of Yoh's group as they attempt to defeat Hao as he is merging with the Great Spirit; her mindreading abilities allow her to become a great ally to the group, helping them understand more about Hao. When Hao awakens as the Shaman King and kills Goldva, she is deeply upset that he is no longer the person she once knew, but she still expresses steadfast loyalty to him when Hao is confronted by the souls of everyone he has encountered. Luchist Lasso (ラキスト・ラッソ, Rakisuto Rasso): Originally the founder and leader of the X-LAWS, a group of holy warriors opposed to Hao, and the one responsible for finding Iron Maiden Jeanne, Luchist was defeated by Hao upon their first meeting. When Hao spared him, Luchist joined him after losing faith in absolute justice upon realizing those who had been rejected by society had been forced to develop their own understanding of justice. As one of the most powerful shamans under Hao, he is a rival to Marco, who was once Luchist's protégé and partner in developing supercars. The two shared a close relationship, but Luchist's defection from the X-Laws to Hao was a devastating blow to Marco. Described as having a nerves of steel for his ability to stand comfortably by Hao's side, he is one of the few aware of Hao's ability to read minds. Though Luchist is one of Hao's followers, he is respectful and cordial towards others, including Yoh and Marco, and candidly straightforward. He is named for Lucky Strikes.

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