Navigating the pitfalls of marriage and divorce, these six women - Andi Black, Susan Doneson, Cori Goldfarb, Gail Greenberg, Amy Miller and Liza Sandler - are all going through the process of reinventing themselves under the microscope of family, friends and exes. Throughout the season, this sisterhood of friends will come together and take on some of life's biggest challenges. From second or third divorces, new marriages, searching for love, and adjusting to an empty nest, every conflict is fraught with decades of real baggage. Years of memories are amongst this intertwined group of women, but can they come together for the moments that truly matter most?

Secrets and Wives - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2015-06-02

Secrets and Wives - Sister Wives - Netflix

Sister Wives is an American reality television series broadcast on TLC that premiered on September 26, 2010. The show documents the life of a polygamist family, which includes patriarch Kody Brown, his four wives, and their 18 children. The family began the series living in Lehi, Utah, but has since moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2011. Brown and his four wives have stated they participated in the show to make the public more aware of polygamist families and to combat societal prejudices. Brown believes his polygamist arrangement is legal because he is legally married only to one woman, and the other marriages are spiritual unions. The series led to the Brown family being investigated for possible prosecution.

Secrets and Wives - Season 2 - Netflix

Season 2 ran 23 episodes from March 13, 2011 to November 27, 2011, though many sources refer to the episodes airing from September 25, 2011 to November 27, 2011 as Season 3. This is due to a short hiatus from June 5, 2011 to September 25, 2011. Season 2 begins with the Browns heading to New York to appear on national television for the first time as open polygamists, while back home the kids head off to their first day of public school. Throughout the season, the Browns visit various friends and family members and reflect on how their relationships have changed with these people since they became open polygamists. These friends and family members include Kody's parents (also polygamists), Kody's high school friends, and various monogamous couples that Kody and the sister wives know. Part 1 of Season 2 also follows the Browns through Kody and Janelle's anniversary camping trip, preparing and participating in Halloween, and Christmas, which the Browns celebrate in a snowy mountain cabin. During Season 2 we also learn more about Meri's personal struggle with her risk of cancer and the loss of her sister. In episode 5, Kody, Christine, and their children take a trip to Las Vegas, which we later learn is the beginning of the Browns' subsequent move to Las Vegas. The final episodes of Season 2 follow the Browns with their real estate agent Mona Riekki through their struggle to find a home in Las Vegas suitable for polygamists, telling the kids that they are moving, and the subsequent move to Las Vegas. Realtor, Mona Riekki finds rental homes for each of the wives and Kody. Once the Browns settle into their new homes they discuss the possibility of finding a home for all of them to live together or four homes in one cul-de-sac. In the last episode before the hiatus, Robyn announces that she is expecting her and Kody's first child. The second part of Season 2 brings the announcement of the sex of Robyn and Kody's baby and the Browns' struggle to adjust to life in Las Vegas. The episodes following the Season 2 hiatus focus largely on Robyn's pregnancy and the kids' adjustment to their new lives. The abrupt move to Las Vegas brings about behavioral problems in some of the older kids, which is also discussed largely in the second half of Season 2. During these episodes the Browns also explore possible businesses that the five of them (Kody and the sister wives) can run together. Several episodes after the hiatus discuss specific topics such as jealousy among the sister wives, especially regarding courting a new wife, how the parents combat the influence of Las Vegas on their children, and how the Browns are preparing the older children for college. Mona Riekki is back in this season and is working with the family on finding a permanent home in Vegas. In the finale, Robyn gives birth to baby Solomon on October 27, 2011 and the possibility of Meri having more children once again resurfaces. Although the ongoing investigation of the Browns is brought up during Season 2, it is not extensively discussed, and the progress of the investigation is unknown.

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