Coverage of the Scottish Labour Party annual conference.

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The 2011 Scottish Labour Party leadership election was an internal party election to choose a new leader of the Scottish Labour Party. The election followed the announcement by Iain Gray that he would stand down as leader in the autumn of 2011 following the party's heavy defeat to the Scottish National Party in May's Scottish Parliament general election. Gray won the previous contest in September 2008. It was the third Scottish Labour leadership election in four years, the first being caused by the resignation of Jack McConnell following the party's defeat in the 2007 Scottish Parliament election, and the second by Wendy Alexander's resignation. Running concurrently was a deputy leadership election, triggered by Johann Lamont's decision to run in the leadership election. The leader of the Keep Scotland in Britain campaign was to be decided once the outcome of the Scottish Labour leadership election was known. Johann Lamont was elected as leader, and Anas Sarwar as deputy leader.

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