Woburn Safari Park opens its doors and, for the first time, allows 'access all areas' to its 600 animals of 76 different species, seen in a unique perspective. Home to some of the most endangered wildlife on the planet, viewers meet dangerous carnivores to fragile new-borns, in unparalleled close encounters. Packed with drama, emotion and amazing beasts, the cameras go behind the scenes with the dedicated team of keepers, and follow how they care for the animals, how they keep them entertained and when it's necessary, call in the vet. There are disputes with the pride of lions, gory feeds and a shocking departure. Viewers will get up close and personal with the world's largest living land mammals, a herd of Asian elephants - from tusk removals to pedicures, dentistry to swimming, the series even culminates with a pending elephant birth.

Safari Park Adventure - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: None

Safari Park Adventure - Longleat Safari Park - Netflix

Longleat Safari and Adventure Park, in Wiltshire, England, was opened in 1966 as the first drive-through safari park outside Africa. The park is situated in the grounds of Longleat House, an English stately home which is open to the public and is the home of the 7th Marquess of Bath. Longleat Safari Park and the concept of safari parks were the brainchild of Jimmy Chipperfield (1912–1990), former co-director of Chipperfield's Circus. Today, Longleat is home to over 500 animals, and the estate occupies 9,000 acres (36.42 km2) of Wiltshire countryside.

Safari Park Adventure - Bat Cave - Netflix

This indoor attraction is home to a colony of male Egyptian fruit bats. It is housed in a stable block which contains several other attractions, and was once the site of a Doctor Who exhibition which ran from 1974 to 2003. it is also home to Cave Fish, Elephant Shrew and many more

Safari Park Adventure - References - Netflix