The series will depict college students as they prepare and participate in a RoboMasters tournament.

RoboMasters the Animated Series - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: In Development

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2017-10-13

RoboMasters the Animated Series - Giant Robo (tokusatsu) - Netflix

Giant Robo, or (ジャイアントロボ, Jaianto Robo), known as Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot in the United States, is a manga and tokusatsu series created by Mitsuteru Yokoyama. It is similar to Yokoyama's Tetsujin 28-go (known as Gigantor in the US), but Giant Robo has more elements of fantasy. The original 26-episode tokusatsu TV series, produced by the Toei Company, aired on NET (later renamed TV Asahi) from October 11, 1967 to April 1, 1968. The English-dubbed American version of the series, developed by Reuben Guberman for American television, was produced by American International Television and directed by Manuel San Fernando (with Salvatore Billitteri as line producer).

RoboMasters the Animated Series - Emperor Guillotine - Netflix

Guillotine is a blue-skinned alien who has tentacles extending from the bottom of his head. He wears a long robe, carries a staff with a white orb at one end and can grow to a great height, which he does only in the final episode of the series. Guillotine leaves day-to-day matters in the hands of various commanders: Spider, a human who is killed by a spray of acid from Ikageras' (Scalion's) mouth Doctor Over (Doctor Botanus), a silver-skinned alien capable of teleportation Red Cobra (Fangar, Dangor the Executioner), a bizarre alien Black Dia (Harlequin), a human who is fascinated with playing-card suits The Space Mummy, an alien resembling a clothed Egyptian mummy Mr. Gold (The Golden Knight), a golden-armored knight Doctor Eingali, an evil alien responsible for the creation of a Daisaku Kusuma android that briefly controls Giant Robo before its destruction Drakulon, an evil alien vampire; he becomes gigantic in order to fight Giant Robo

RoboMasters the Animated Series - References - Netflix