Jeremy Vine hosts a spin-off from the quiz in which five contestants try to win a cash prize by taking on the former Egghead CJ de Mooi.

Revenge of the Egghead - Netflix

Type: Game Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2014-02-24

Revenge of the Egghead - Are You an Egghead? - Netflix

Are You an Egghead? is a BBC quiz show that was presented by Dermot Murnaghan. It is a spin-off from the quiz show Eggheads, with its goal to find a further Egghead to complement the existing team. The first series was aired weekdays from 20 October to 2 December 2008 and was won by Barry Simmons. The second and final series was aired from 12 October to 23 November 2009 and was won by Pat Gibson. A similar show, Make Me an Egghead, aired in 2016.

Revenge of the Egghead - Last 32 - Netflix

Match One: Gary Grant v. Julia Hobbs: Julia, who has set questions on quiz shows, such as Going for Gold seemed to be breezing through to the last 16 against Gary Grant, a finalist on The Weakest Link and a future Mastermind series champion, taking 4 Eggheads into the final round, but after Chris let her down on the final multiple choice question, Gary won in sudden death. Match Two: Pam Thomas v. Chris Young: Pam, winner of the first series of A Question of Genius took on Chris, whose exploits included being involved in a University Challenge team with the highest winning margin in their series. Chris seemed to be making it a one-sided affair, despite Pam's amazing Lazarus-esque comeback in the Sport round, but despite both players messing up on their first General Knowledge question, Daphne's advice gave Chris the win. Match Three: Nic Paul v. Charles Mosley: Nic, a £32,000 winner on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? was brushed to one side by Charles, a veteran of University Challenge. Although, despite having 4 Eggheads, Charles gave 2 wrong answers, but Nic's risky strategy of saving Kevin for a more difficult question failed to pay off as when Kevin was called, the answer given was incorrect. Match Four: Beth Maclure v. Shanker Menon: Shanker, beaten by Barry in Series 1 of Are You an Egghead? took on Beth, who was in a team on the very first series of Eggheads. After the head-to-heads, Beth had 3 Eggheads to Shanker's 2, but her inability to use them for their appropriate questions led her to getting 4 questions wrong, giving Shanker the win. Match Five: Rob Huxley v. Paul Sinha: In one of the most amazing comebacks in the show's history, Rob, whose only previous experience in TV game shows was an appearance on Busman's Holiday in the 1990s, beat the more experienced Paul, despite the fact that Paul had all 5 Eggheads available to him. Paul's downfall came in 2 questions which none of the 4 Eggheads he asked advice for knew the answer, giving Rob an unlikely 2–1 win. Match Six: Cathy Gillespie v. Pat Gibson: Pat, back after his quarter-final appearance in the last series took on Cathy, whose Mastermind experience made it a tough match. However, wasting both her Eggheads on her first question gave the tie to Pat, who didn't require the help of any of his Eggheads. Match Seven: Jim Eccleston v. Liz Heron: A close match up between 2 heavyweights of the quiz world. Faults by the Eggheads on some of the General Knowledge round led to Liz winning on a question in which her and CJ's guesses were thrown out of the window. Match Eight: Barbara Thompson v. Mark Kerr: Mark, semi-finalist from Series 1 took on former Brain of Britain Barbara in a game which was closely fought until Mark took full control in General Knowledge, getting all 4 of his questions correctly after Barbara stumbled on a couple of questions. Match Nine: Jenny Ryan v. Ken Owen: A battle of 2 quiz goliaths saw Jenny beating Ken thanks mainly of Ken's use of the Eggheads on the wrong questions. Match Ten: Melanie Beaumont v. Anne Hegerty: In another close battle, Anne's strategy of going second in every round, combined with Chris (Melanie's only Egghead) unable to help Melanie, Anne managed to win with ease in the end. Match Eleven: David Clark v. Peter Ediss: A to-and-fro match between David, a former Mastermind champion, and Peter, who won £32,000 on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, went smoothly, but better guessing from David proved to be crucial. Match Twelve: Olav Bjortomt v. Gill Woon: Olav (who lost to runner-up Shaun Wallace in Series 1)'s strategy of going second in every round proved to be his winning formula and got him a 4–2 win and even using 3 Eggheads on his final question. Match Thirteen: Jan Crompton v. Alan Crompton: A sibling rivalry brewed as brother and sister Alan and Jan took part in this one. After each getting all their first 4 questions correctly, Alan went against Kevin and despite Chris only being 15% sure of his answer, Jan gave his answer which won her the tie. Match Fourteen: David Rainford v. Isabel Morgan: David, back after losing to Barry in Series 1's semi-finals totally dominated Isabel, but then a close head-to-head, in which both players got 1 multiple-choice question wrong, was eventually decided after Isabel got her first sudden death question wrong. Match Fifteen: Amy Godel v. Rupy Jedon: A close fought match took place between these 2 contestants, but hesitation and his use of Eggheads on questions which they struggled on cost Rupy the match. Match Sixteen: David Edwards v. Alan Gibbs: David, back on for a second time, found the going hard during the head-to-heads, despite obtaining an Egghead advantage, but despite CJ's fumble on a question, he got through to the last 16.

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