Relaciones Peligrosas (English: Dangerous Affairs) is a novela that tells a modern, daring story with no taboos, delving into the difficult and often-conflictive relationships between teenagers, their parents and teachers of a bilingual high school (Cervantes Academy School of Arts). Everything begins with the story of Miranda Cruz (Sandra Echeverría), a young woman who begins an affair with Mauricio, her student, while a teacher in this institution. In her world, the hidden truths that many adults try to avoid are revealed: love relationships that are prohibited, discriminated or judged that can turn into a real world nightmare.

Relaciones peligrosas - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Spanish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 2012-01-24

Relaciones peligrosas - Daniela Navarro - Netflix

Daniela Navarro Santodomingo (February 27, 1984) better known as Daniela Navarro, is a Venezuelan actress and model.

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After jumping onto screens in Venezuelan telenovelas when only 13-years-old in the teen drama Así es la Vida with Alberto Giarroco, she found it difficult to continue her acting because her education had not ended so she retired for some years to finish high school, given that no student at Caracas, but in the valleys of the Tuy. Upon graduation she moved with her maternal grandmother, Columbite, (so she called the baby). She defined herself as introverted but listening to 'action' unfolds perfectly to develop the role that has been granted. Their role becomes more important in Venezuela in 2009 with the telenovela Tomasa te quiero where she played the role of Fabianita. Navarro jumped to international fame in 2011 with the telenovela Corazón Apasionado by Univision, in the leading role of Marielita Campos. In 2012, she signed with Telemundo for the antagonistic role of Olivia Kloster in Relaciones Peligrosas where she played a police detective. She also appeared in Corazón Valiente as Clara Salvatierra. In 2013 she appeared once again in Marido en alquiler playing the role of Barbara González.

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