The series is set in the Elite Way School, a prestigious private boarding high school near Buenos Aires, attended by the adolescent children of some of Argentina's wealthiest citizens, as well as gifted "becados" (students with scholarships). It focuses on four characters: Marizza Pia Spirito, Pablo Bustamante, Manuel Aguirre and Mia Colucci.

Rebelde Way - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Spanish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2002-05-27

Rebelde Way - Cris Morena - Netflix

María Cristina De Giacomi (born 23 August 1956), professionally known as Cris Morena, is an Argentine Award-winning television producer, actress, television presenter, composer, musician, songwriter, writer, former fashion model and CEO of Cris Morena Group. She is one of the most successful producers in the country and is the creator of Argentina's most successful youth-oriented shows such as Jugate Conmigo, Chiquititas, Rebelde Way, Floricienta, Alma Pirata, and Casi Ángeles. Until 2001, she worked directly for Telefe but, since Rebelde Way, in 2002, she works independently and has her own production company Cris Morena Group. She is the mother of the actress Romina Yan (†), and of the producer and current Telefe director Tomás Yankelevich.

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Morena married Gustavo Yankelevich in December 1974. Her husband became the producer of some of the biggest hits in the country, including Mesa de Noticias, and, in 1989, he became director of Telefe and, under his leadership, the channel became Argentina's most-watched TV channel. He was directly or indirectly responsible for some of Argentina's biggest television shows including Susana Giménez, Showmatch, among many others. He left the channel in 1999 and, in the following year, founded his own production company, RGB Entertainment. In 2002, so she could produce Rebelde Way, Morena also founded her own company, Cris Morena Group. From Floricienta in 2004 until Casi Angeles in 2010, RGB was a co-producer of all CMG ventures. Despite being associates and business partners, Cris and Gustavo have been divorced since 1996. Their two children, Romina Yan, who died in 2010, and Tomás Yankelevich, were both involved in show business. Romina was an actress. She started her career as one of the co-hosts in Jugate Conmigo and became extremely popular playing Belén, the central figure in her mother's hugely successful children-oriented telenovela Chiquititas, in which she starred from '95 to '98. She also starred as Belén in the movie Chiquititas: Rincón de luz in 2001. With her mother, she did Jugate Conmigo (1991–1993), Chiquititas (1995–1998), Amor Mío (2005) and B&B: Bella y Bestia (2008). Both Amor Mio and B&B were also co-produced by her father which also chose her as host in Playhouse Disney (2001–2003) and as the lead in Abra tus Ojos (2003). She co-created Amor Mío, her biggest hit since Chiquititas, with her mother and the show was co-produced by her father and directed by Tomás, her brother. Romina died from a sudden heart attack on 28 September 2010 when she was 36. She had three kids. As an honor to Gustavo Yanklevich's contribution to the channel, Telefe suspended all of its primetime shows on the day of her death to air a tribute to Romina. Marcelo Tinelli, host of Argentina's highest-rated show, also canceled his Showmatch show for the day in respect (Gustavo is Tinelli's mentor). Later, named his TV studio after Romina and also opened a pediatric hospital in her name. The day of her death, all four TV channels in Argentina suspended their primetime shows to air tributes and the news shows attracted the biggest audience of the year, with Telefe and Canal 13 reaching a combined 40 points of ratings during their primetime newscasts. After the shock of Romina's death, Morena announced a hiatus from TV production, closing down her production company for two years. Tomás attended University of Southern California film school. He worked at both RGB and Cris Morena Group and, in 2011, opened his own production company, Utopia. He was the director of Bandana's feature film Vivir Intentando and directed several episodes of Amor Mío and B&B: Bella y Bestia. In 2011, he opened his own production company, Utopia, and filled the void left by his mother's hiatus with the kids-oriented fiction show, Supertorpe, which aired in Disney Channel Latin America and Telefe. Although Cris involvement was kept to a minimum, the show starred Candela Vetrano and Pablo Martinez — both discovered by Morena — and she contributed songs to its soundtrack. Even though the show achieved some success — spawning a live musical and winning a Martin Fierro award — it could not reach the level of success achieved by his mother's shows and only lasted one season. Tomás also co-produced, alongside RGB, the Telefe primetime soap Cuando Me Sonreis starring Facundo Arana, Julieta Diaz and Morena's discoveries Benjamin Rojas and Lali Esposito. In February 2011, it was announced that Tomás would become the new Telefe director, a position held by his father from 1989 to 1999. As of 2013, Tomás is still in charge of the channel, helping Telefe to become once again the ratings' leader after losing the top spot for two years, in 2010 and 2011, to Canal 13. Cris' has four grandchildren. Valentin, Franco and Azul, from Romina's marriage with Dario Giordano, and Inti, from Tomás marriage to Sofia Recca. Four characters in her new song, Aliados, are named after them.

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