Docudrama exploring the dramatic journey of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, from his humble origins in Argentina to becoming the first Jesuit and Latin American Pope.

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-04-17

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Pope Adrian IV (Latin: Adrianus IV; born Nicholas Breakspear; c. 1100 – 1 September 1159), also known as Hadrian IV, was Pope from 4 December 1154 to his death in 1159. Adrian IV is the only Briton to have occupied the papal throne. As Pope, he crowned Frederick I Barbarossa and successfully removed Arnold of Brescia, who had challenged Papal rule of Rome and become “to all intents and purposes, master of the city”. It is believed that he was born in Bedmond in the parish of Abbots Langley in Hertfordshire and received his early education at Merton Priory and the Abbey School, St Albans.

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At the diet of Besançon in October 1157, the legates presented to Frederick I a letter from Adrian IV which alluded to the beneficia or “benefits” conferred upon the Emperor. The German chancellor translated this beneficia in the feudal sense of the presentation of property from a lord to a vassal (benefice). Frederick was infuriated by the suggestion that he was dependent on the Pope, and in the storm which ensued the legates were glad to escape with their lives. The incident at length closed with a letter from the Pope, declaring that by beneficium he meant merely bonum factum or “a good deed,” i.e. the coronation. The breach subsequently became wider, and the Emperor was about to be excommunicated when Adrian died at Anagni on 1 September 1159, reputedly choking on a fly in his wine, but probably of quinsy. His biography was first written by Cardinal Boso in his extension to the Liber Pontificalis.

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