All 13 episodes of the HBO series are, actually, about the human nature: how we discover people the way they are, essentially, with their passions, illusions, fears, loneliness, uncertainty and their dreams. The series talks about human relationships, but first of all, about the relationship with themselves. The city is not just the background of all these stories, but also a character that lives intensely and vibrates with every action. Laura is a married woman who refuses to see the cracks in her relationship and she is looking for a way to feel loved again. Adrian, her husband, is always looking elsewhere, for something that she can't offer him, and he jumps in a relationship with a mysterious woman he meets in the dark, in hotel rooms. When this mysterious woman comes into his life everything changes. Eva, the former mistress of Adrian, who's trying to find her father, has an extremely tense relationship with her mother, Silvia; she falls in love with David, the man of her dreams. But meanwhile, Iasmina, a woman as interesting as she is manipulative, manages to "catch" him before Eva and wants to keep him for herself at any cost. Mona is Laura's friend. She is a shy accountant, not very attractive, but with a big heart, who is in constant search of impossible relationships with men she meets online. Her life gets complicated when she starts a relation with a man that she doesn't know. She is so consumed by this fantasy that she can't even notice Virgil, the marketing manager at her clinic, a shy man who is very much in love with her and who is always by her side.

Rãmâi cu mine - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Romanian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2013-12-01

Rãmâi cu mine - Byron (band) - Netflix

byron (with a lower case b) is an alternative rock band formed in 2006 in Bucharest, Romania. Dan Byron (real name Daniel Radu), former guest of Agathodaimon and ex-member of Urma and Kumm, initially wanted to start a solo project, but it soon developed into an actual band. Their music is hard to define; it would best be described as art-rock / adult-alternative with a lot of influences from different musical areas, mostly blues, progressive rock and jazz. All lyrics are written in English and touch aspects of modern man’s condition. Note: There has been another Romanian heavy metal band named Byron, with Dan Byron on vocals, active between 1997 and 1999. There is no connection between these bands other than the vocalist.

Rãmâi cu mine - Studio albums - Netflix

Forbidden Drama (2007) A Kind of Alchemy (2009) Perfect (2011) 30 Seconds of Fame (2013) Melancolic (2014)

Rãmâi cu mine - References - Netflix