From executive producers Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti, CNN Original Series Race for the White House captures the drama of how a high-stakes presidential election can turn on a single issue and so much more.

Race for the White House - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-03-06

Race for the White House - 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (TV series) - Netflix

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is an MSNBC television program hosted by David Shuster that ended in 2009. The show is a panel discussion of news and trends in American politics among the panelists and anchor. It is a continuation of the show Race for the White House, which was originally hosted by David Gregory and aired in the same time slot from March to November 2008. Shuster became the host of the show when Gregory became moderator of NBC's Meet the Press. The show had a rotating array of panelists, but Eugene Robinson, Michael Smerconish, Richard Wolffe, and Pat Buchanan had appeared on a frequent basis. Race for the White House and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue aired nightly at 6 PM Eastern on MSNBC.

Race for the White House - Panel titles - Netflix

3 Questions The Headline – panelists comment on the day's political news. Inside the War Room Play with Panel – panel discusses a viewer's question. Panel Prediction – analysis of Democratic primary race (Clinton/Obama) and presidential election race (McCain/Obama).

Race for the White House - References - Netflix