Steph and Agnes go to the same school but don't like each other at all. Agnes with probably the best grades in the whole city, and Steph a little more of a bad girl. When their parents start dating during the summer they leave the two girls and Agnes' sister, while going on a trip through Europe. They have to live together in Agnes' apartment together...

The second season is set 3 years later and again follows the two girls.

Portkod 1525 - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Swedish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 20 minutes

Premier: 2012-10-16

Portkod 1525 - Happy Jankell - Netflix

Betty Nicóle Hildegard “Happy” Jankell (born 16 December 1993) is a Swedish actress.

Portkod 1525 - Television - Netflix

Ett gott parti (2007) Värsta vännerna (2008) Anno 1790 (2011) Portkod 1321 (2012) Crimes of Passion (2013) Jordskott (2015) Star vs the Forces of Evil (2015) *Swedish Dub as Star Butterfly Familjen Rysberg (2015) Portkod 1525 (2016)

Portkod 1525 - References - Netflix