A small seaside town called San Carlos comes a rich and handsome man named Marco Duran, partly to consolidate their businesses in the area and partly to escape Miranda Narvaes, his torturing and unstable ex-girlfriend.

Maria del Siello Mantova is a beautiful young lady, and the strength of her character awakens the admiration of all men to industry and love at first glance of Mark, who immediately asks for her hand.

She is the woman she always dreamed of. However, for Sielo, he is not just another person, like many who have come to poison with their money, the quiet life of San Carlos, and he does not conceal the contempt he feels for him; he is also bound up with Sergio Sabrano Her man of life.\ \ Brisa, Selius's teenage sister, is madly in love with Sergio, Sielo's relationship with Sergio is disturbed, and Marco enters Sielo's life. Shello makes an agreement with Mark: he accepts marrying him and living on his land, in the marriage exchange, will not have close contact and that at a time he will give her a divorce that will take a sufficient time for Sergio to resign from her.

Por Tu Amor - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Spanish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 43 minutes

Premier: None

Por Tu Amor - Gabriela Spanic - Netflix

Gabriela Elena Španić Utrera (born December 10, 1973), known simply as Gabriela Spanic, is a Venezuelan actress and singer. She's known for her roles in several Latin telenovelas, most notably her portrayal of twins in La usurpadora (1998), one of the most popular telenovelas in the Spanish-speaking world. Spanic has been signed to Televisa, Telemundo and TV Azteca.

Por Tu Amor - Early life - Netflix

Spanic was born in Caracas and raised in Ortiz, to Croatian father Casimiro Spanic and Venezuelan mother Elise Spanic. She has a twin sister, Daniela Spanic, one younger sisters, Patricia, and a younger brother, Antonio. She studied Psychology in Caracas at Andrés Bello Catholic University for a year but left university to pursue an acting career.

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